AP, Secretary, Chelmsford

“I have suffered from psoriasis for nearly 30 years and have tried every possible treatment. If only I had tried colonics years ago.  More >

“My skin improved drastically after my first treatment and continues to improve. After three treatments I believe I will be entirely free of psoriasis in the near future. I would urge anyone who is reluctant to try this treatment to at least visit Esther and try it. My general sense of well-being following a treatment is almost addictive. Esther is a clear professional and very knowledgeable which helps put you at ease. I couldn’t recommend a consultation highly enough.”

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L de Alwis, Executive Assistant, London

“I have been a regular client of Esther’s for just over a year now and her treatments have become an important part of my life. Esther was so welcoming from the first time I met her and immediately put my mind at rest and made me feel comfortable.  More >

The colonics and coffee enemas are both great treatments and leave me feeling cleansed, full of energy and ready to take on anything. It’s not only the treatments I go to Esther for though, her advice on diet, skin care and general well-being is invaluable and I learn so much every time I go about how to lead a healthier life, it’s inspiring. Esther is a gorgeous person who is fantastic at what she does and inspires you to look after your body better. Thank you Esther! Xx”

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T Lawrence, Account Director, Advertising

“When I went to see Esther I was desperate, I was very ill and had tried everything. Esther knew what was wrong as soon as she assessed me and we started treatment.  More >

It was the first time I had felt well in years. I couldn’t recommend Esther enough. She is not just a practitioner; she cares and is a massive support throughout the treatment. Meeting Esther has literally changed my life and I recommend her to everyone!”

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M Scully, Mummy, Chelmsford

“It’s been roughly 3 months since I first graced the stairs of Primrose for the very first time, and I’ve not looked back...  More >

Esther is so adorable and passionate about her job, and her knowledge about the human body and flower remedies are so interesting and certainly given me food for thought.The additions to my cupboard is a far cry from the booze, butter and brown sauce that used to dominate my diet and on Esthers advice, I now take, on a daily basis - beetroot juice, apple cider vinegar (with the ‘muva’ of course!), mineral water not sparkling, coton colon cleanse, wormwood and clove, (to get the parasites to ‘do one’), not to mention the healing potions that Esther made up to help me sleep. I have also lost a little bit of weight, (small drop in the Ocean to where I need to be but nevertheless it’s a start), if that’s not enough she’s now got me gargling with Sunflower Oil...!? I just want to say that I will never let myself get unhealthy again, and want to thank Esther for all her help and advice, I have a way to go but feel so much healthier already, and I know I’m in good hands - not forgetting the lovely Leanne, thanks to the both of you for greeting me with so much warmth when I first came, and was feeling a little down and self-conscious, I look forward to a long and happy relationship xx”

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Angela Howard (State Registered Physiotherapist, retired)

“I have been receiving treatment at the Primrose Clinic since December 2012, three months ago. Meeting and talking to Esther has been a revelation. She is kind, caring and knowledgable.  More >

I have suffered from an impacted colon for most of my life without realising it. I am in my seventies and now understand that various symptoms I have more or less learned to live with are the result of this condition and I could have received help much earlier.

Colonic hydrotherapy is a gentle, natural cleansing process that everyone should know about. It can save many people from suffering unnecessarily. It should be available on the NHS.”

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BM, Police Officer, Chelmsford

“I’ve suffered from anxiety for the last 3 years, I’ve had counselling, hypnotherapy, acupuncture and reflexology but nothing seemed to work for me. I’ve read a lot about colonic irrigation and the benefits of what it can do for you but being a bloke I was worried about it due to what was involved and being anxious I didn’t think it would work.  More >

On my first appointment I spoke to Esther and explained to her what my problems were and she went through everything from me growing up and what my diet was like to the present day to give me the best care and treatment. She explained to me how the colon works and how having a clear colon can improve your lifestyle. Esther is an angel and made me feel comfortable all the way through the treatment and ever since, and her knowledge about the colon is very reassuring as I’m always asking questions about it (sorry Esther) but she is able to answer my questions which reassures me further.

I started sessions in October 2012 and have had about 8 sessions since then and OH MY GOD, I wish I done this earlier. Being able to sit there and have treatment to improve my health whilst getting things off your chest takes a big weight off your shoulders.

Four months later my anxiety has improved dramatically, it’s one of treatments I’ve decided I will keep doing for as long as I can. I just wish I looked into this first of all before I tried other forms of treatment as I feel I would be 10,000% better than I do now but I don’t want to take away from how much better I feel because I really have improved my anxiety because of this treatment.

Hopefully if there are any men reading this then please don’t feel afraid about going because you’re a man. Esther is great and knows exactly what she is doing. This WILL help you improve your health whether you have anxiety or any other condition that Esther says colon hydrotherapy can treat.”

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NH, Billericay

“In January 2009 Zoe complained of tummy pain. After having this for a few days without relieving I took her to our GP. He blamed it on a bug. The pain (which is located just below the belly button is like a dull ache.  More >

We returned to the GP a week later as there was no improvement, there were no other symptoms just a dull ache. We were referred to Dr Meadows at Nuffield Hospital in Brentwood who is a Gastroenterologist. Zoe was examined and asked lots of questions at our first consultation. We saw Dr Meadows a few times over next few weeks after which he started investigation procedures.

Zoe had a blood and stool test which was negative, a Coeliac test again negative. She then had an endoscopy there were no findings here, an ultrasound was also done again nothing. We were under Dr Meadows for approx 2 years during which time Zoe had various procedures, an MRI scan Barium, manometry. During this time Zoe started to suffer with constipation, Dr Meadows said it was slow transition constipation. She was then given Movicol to regulate her.

If anything she was now getting worse. From having just a dull ache to real constipation problems. Dr Meadowstransfered Zoe to Royal London Hospital where he also worked to seek advice with his colleagues. We saw his Junior one partiular day and Zoe had an overflow which was awlful for her. All this on sachets of Movicoleveryday. Each visit to Dr Meadows resulted in him increasing her dose of Movicol to sometimes 16 a day.

Zoe was eventually taken in London hospital overnight where she was given klean prep to drink during the night until her bowels completely emptied. Zoe felt great next day as any pressure and discomfort she was feeling prior to this had relieved. She continued to feel ok for next few weeks but little did we know she was slowly building up again. All the help we got was more movicol and senokot.

We decided that by this time Dr Meadows could do no more for Zoe so we contacted a Gastroenterologist at Great Ormond Street Hospital, her name was Dr Susan Hill. She immediately after reading Zoes notes put her on a dairy and wheat free diet along with another blood test.

Following this Zoes bowels seemed to regulate for a while but we were soon back to square one before we knew it. Zoe back to being in a lot of pain and discomfort tummy. One time she was so bad she was literally bent over and not able to walk straight. I took her to A + E at Basildon Hospital one evening so worried to be told ‘theres nothing wrong with your daughter’. She was left like that for a while.

As you can imagine is tearful and distressed daily it was all becoming an never ending nightmare that no one had any answers to. She was even told by one Dr that was she maybe imagining it.

Susan Hill then ordered another MRI, ultrasound which was done at portland Hospital, again all results negative. Although Zoe still continues to feel awlful so much that its affecting her everyday life.

Susan Hill could offer no more and when she couldnt understand my frustration as a mother after 2 years of this it was time to leave her too.

Now we find ourself back at Nuffield under Dr Khalifa another Gastro consultant. He orders blood tests, ct scan along with more blood tests. There is a pattern here, everytime we see a different consultant instead of them looking at Zoes history and whats already been done they start from the very beginning again putting Zoe through pointless investigations that have already been done time and time again.

One last endoscopy and upper Gi endoscopy is requested, again Zoe takes Klean prep the evening before the procedure but unfortunately it has no effect whatsoever, her bowels were not clearing at all. We called hospital prior to going in and informed them what happened but they said its fine they will still proceed and clear her bowels best they can while performing the endoscopy.

When Zoe woke from the anesthetic she felt great and consultant said people pay good money for what i did for you (meaning clearing her bowels). This alerted me and i asked has she had equivalent to a colonic and he said yes to which i replied Is this something we can do for her as it seemed to help enormously. Dr said no idont advise it.

We then did something that wouldnt normally do and go against Drs advice.

We did a lot of research on colonics and naturally looked for one that was registered.

We found Esther at Primrose Clinic and cannot thank her enough for what she has done for Zoe. On our first visit and consultation Esther took notes on Zoes history and hospital visits etc.

Zoe had her first colonic and Esther could tell by massaging her tummy area how full her colon was.

Zoe felt fantastic after just one colonic, all the pressure in her lower tummy had relieved, she went to school and was able to join in physical activity properly for the first time in a long time.

We made an appointment for a course of treatments for Zoe as for the first time in 2 and half years we seemed to be getting somewhere. Alongside this Esther also gave invaulable advice on nutrition and diet which has been such a great help.

After a course of colonics Zoe is a new girl. never feeling better. She is now comfortable, skin has a glow it didnt have before, she feels energetic and most important of all she now has regular bowel movements. It took a while of having to go to Esther but we got there in the end which shows how much of a problem Zoe had. Continuous use of laxative was never going to help, if anything it made her worse.

If only we had found Esther sooner we could have saved Zoe over 2 years of misery. I have had appointments with Esther for a few years now.

In comparison to other colonic hydrotherapists that I used before I found Esther, I feel that Esther is really in a different league. I felt pleased, grateful and relieved to have found her!

At all times, Esther has remained of a high standard professionally with outstanding competency. Throughout the treatment Esther ensures you are comfortable and have suitable time needed. The treatment room is relaxing and always clean and hygienic.

Professionally and personally she has a genuine interest in your needs, calm and caring, putting you at ease through the treatments, has a discreet nature, with much knowledge & interest in her field.

Esther has a holistic approach to your needs and offers information, advice & guidance on bowel management and all that encompasses such as nutrition, fluid intake and natural medicine.

Our little chats throughout the treatments have often been enlightening, insightful, increased my awareness & understanding and so empowered me to improve my bowel health.

In hindsight, I really feel that I suffered too long without sourcing the best assistance. I feel that I have found someone who I can continue to use for maintenance of my bowels and on-going increased well-being. I always tell friends about Esther and would thoroughly recommend her to anyone.”

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If you require further information, or wish to make an appointment, please contact Leanne or Esther in the strictest confidence.

Esther Ruth McCulloch SNHS Dip M.A.C.H.R.T. RMANM Dip AIT Registered Colon Hydrotherapist
Telephone: Mobile 07980 606227 Clinic 01245 258897  |  Email: esthersclinic@gmail.com  |  89a Moulsham Street, Chelmsford, Essex CM2 0JF