An enema is an ancient technique in the world of healing and is an extremely powerful tool for bringing about swift change in both mind and body.

The colon is a very efficient route through which to introduce therapeutic substances into the body because there is a direct connection between it and the liver. The hepatic portal vein connects the colon to the liver and carries nutrients from our food as well as toxins from our bowel to the liver. This makes enemas one of the most potentially potent and swift ways to bring about a change in the body biochemistry.

At Primrose Clinic enemas are available upon request or by recommendation from Esther.

Aloe vera enema

Aloe vera is moisturising and soothing. It has an anti-inflammatory effect upon the colon mucosa. This is ideally suited to anyone with inflammatory conditions within the digestive system. Often on completion, a person feels calm and fresh, and it can have a positive softening effect upon the skin.

Coffee enema

A coffee enema is the most powerful detox tool for the liver. The pharmacologically active constituent of the coffee is absorbed into the hepatic portal vein and is transported to the liver via the portal system. It causes the liver to contract and squeeze its toxic bile into the digestive tract. As coffee enemas accelerate the liver's ability to detoxify, they reduce the risk of overload, resulting in auto-intoxication. On completion, people can feel different in mind and body. They often feel clear-headed and aches and pains can be reduced.

Chamomile tea enema

Chamomile tea is a gentle sedative and when used in an enema it travels to the liver via the portal system. It has a calming effect upon the liver and the rest of the body. Often on completion of this treatment people feel very calm, especially within the digestive system.

Flaxseed oil enema

Flaxseed oil enemas promote a great deal of photon and electron activity within the body. On completion, people feel an incredible sense of calmness and connectedness.

If you require further information, or wish to make an appointment, please contact Leanne or Esther in the strictest confidence.

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