Disorders treated by
colonic hydrotherapy

Diagnostic laboratory tests can be arranged via the clinic. A treatment plan can, and usually does, proceed without the need for testing. Patient choice, symptom picture, and clinical need, will be the determinants. Intestinal ‘dysbiosis’ refers to a disorder of the natural biological state of the intestines, such as Candida, other fungus or yeast overgrowth, the presence of pathogenic bacteria or parasites. Therefore, the use of diagnostic laboratory tests for stool analysis, and saliva analysis, can offer the most advanced non-invasive evaluation of specific gastrointestinal imbalances. Such diagnostic tests are only available to patients who have attended the clinic for consultation. Costs will vary according to specific tests.

The main complaints treated:



 Crohn’s disease



 sluggish colon

 excessive gas

 intestinal toxaemia

 parasitic infestations



 irritable bowel syndrome

 spastic colon

 abdominal bloating

Other complaints treated:

 aching muscles

 aching joints



 bad breath

 skin complaints

 body odour



 food cravings

 frequent colds



 lower back pain

 menstrual problems

 poor concentration

 sluggish liver

If you require further information, or wish to make an appointment, please contact Leanne or Esther in the strictest confidence.

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