Why colon

Of all the parts of your body, the colon is paid least attention. Generally, people don’t like to discuss it. However, it is increasingly being recognised that taking good care of your colon has immeasurable benefits for your quality of life and health.

If your digestive system is not working properly you may start to suffer from bowel disorders and a build up of poisonous matter. The symptoms associated with poor bowel function include:

    bad breath
    mood swings
    excessive gas
    extreme anxiety

Colon hydrotherapy is therefore the foundation of a healthy way of life. Clearing the colon of toxins and restoring it to its natural state through the use of natural supplements, ensures that the body is able to clear toxins efficiently. Having fewer toxins in your body takes the strain off other major organs, makes your body stronger, and better equipped to fight illness and disease.

Colon hydrotherapy is a safe, gentle method of washing the colon walls with warm, filtered water. The water is introduced into the colon via the rectum, through a thin, well-lubricated piece of plastic called a speculum. The equipment used is disposable ensuring hygiene and safety.

The benefits to you

Colon hydrotherapy has a much broader effect than simply cleansing the colon and treating bowel disorders. In addition, your body may experience many other benefits, such as:

    clearer skin
    more energy
    relief from headaches
    clarity of thought
    reduction of allergic responses
    stronger immune system
    control of bodyweight
    mental anguish relief
    increased relaxation and better sleep
    reduced risk of bowel cancer

If you require further information, or wish to make an appointment, please contact Leanne or Esther in the strictest confidence.

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